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Hotel management is a complex project that requires skilled executives. Regardless of the size of the hotel, there are certain steps and procedures to be followed. As this project, involving many stakeholders, it is important to carefully plan all the steps to fulfill all the requirements of the stakeholders [1]. All aspects and potential risks should be considered and integrated with the strategy. This publication provides an analysis of recent research on hotel management, as well as the main objectives and results of this research and project. The hotel management project is designed not only for the management staff but also for the users. This project is a web and mobile application that covers all the criteria for the convenience of hotel management and the flexibility to sort information and categories of users [2]. The purpose of this work is to achieve the flexibility and ease of hotel management in hotel management and to reduce the number of errors in manual paper work of hotel management. The purpose of the study is to recognize the important steps and procedures in the hotel business, showing how to set the task correctly. Analyzing the stages of tasks that are performed on a regular basis, the study will show that with this application, hotel management will be able to remotely control their own hotel, confirm the booking of rooms, as well as this convenience for users who will use this application to find the hotel they are profitable, given certain criteria and categories that benefit them and are more comfortable.




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