Математична модель процесів надання медичних послуг


Проаналізовано процеси надання медичних послуг та визначено основні критерії якості медичної послуги для медичної установи як надавача послуги та для пацієнта як споживача послуги. Обґрунтовано доцільність застосування функції якості медичних послуг та подано математичну модель процесів надання медичної послуги.
Quality and efficiency of medical services are the major priorities in the development of health care system within the world countries. With the civilization development the quality of the medical services acquires a key value. Nowadays providing the medical services in Ukraine causes the number of contradictory and debatable questions, does not meeting the world standards. It is necessary to revise and analyze the existing processes of providing the medical services, and bring them in conformity with European standards. For this purpose, it needs to analyze the expectations of patients, herewith providing the optimality of branch resources application. Along with improvement of the quality of medical services, evaluation of their processes encourages adjustment and optimization of work of a medical establishment. It also helps the doctors to become determined concerning the directions of optimal granting the medical services. Ability to conduct the monitoring of quality of granting these services is an inalienable constituent of evaluation of its efficiency. The analysis of the processes of granting the medical services is carried out in the article. Here, the basic criteria of medical service quality are certain for medical establishment and patient, as a consumer of the service. Coming from the axiom that the interests of the provider and the consumer of the service should intersect, it becomes clear that the greater area of crossing, the better analysis and prognostication of necessities of population in a certain medical service can be provided, and thus, the competitiveness of medical establishment rises and the patient’s trust to the clinic increases. Therefore, to make more efficient the work of a medical establishment, it is necessary to coordinate the criteria of quality of granting the medical services and the similar set by a consumer. The elements of a function of medical services quality are considered in the article, and the mathematical model of quality of medical services is represented. This function is determined through the relationship between the major criteria of quality of processes of granting and receiving the medical services. It powers the possibility of coordinating the interests of patient and medical establishment by establishing a relation between incoming and outgoing data of the processes of granting the medical services.



медична послуга, критерії якості, математична модель, функція якості, Medical service, Quality criteria, Mathematical model, Quality function


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