Загальна характеристика церковного живопису Сколівщини (ХІХ–ХХ ст.)

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Розглянуто та проаналізовано церковний живопис Сколівщини, що його створили маляри-іконописці на замовлення церковних громад. Найцінніші ікони цього регіону зберігаються в музеях України, зокрема у Львівському національному музеї, а також знаходяться в окремих церквах району. In Skole District known works as highly, and folk art. This area stands out from rehionu Boikivshchyna original school of icon painting. Here fulfill orders, local craftsmen and painters from other art centers. Writing about Boykivschyny iconography, V. Sventsitskoho noted that the formation of peculiar features paintings Boikivshchyna were important vzayemodiya professional and folk art, local traditions and overall development of art in Ukraine in tsilomu and penetration phenomena related originated anyway and then dominant trends and directions in art Zahidnoyi Europe. By ancient icons from Skole District, which reached nashoho time include “The Virgin Hodegetria of prophets” XV century the church of St. Dimitri from the village Pidhorodtsiv and “St. And St. George. Paraskeva” late XV – early XVI century. Church of Cosmas and Damian from the village of Korczyna. Both icons are now adorns the exposition of the National Museum in Lviv. Bright individuality stands in the first half of the XVIII centuryMarco Shestakovych. He painted the iconostasis owned by 1738 the church of the Archangel Michael village Dry Stream, which was submitted to the National Museum in 1912. For the first time attention to the work of Mark Shestakovycha drew I. Svyentsitskyy. Some icons iconostasis exhibited at the exhibition Galician primitive, held in Lviv National Museum in 1939. The works of master out clearly defined style that combines the principles of painting techniques of decorative art. Sights and iconography from Skole District XV–XVIII centuries uviyshly bright page in the artistic heritage of Ukraine and show deep spiritual worldview of the people, the wisdom and strength of its traditions. Along with the construction of temples and developed this art form as a cult easel painting. If the mosaics and frescoes embody the triumph of Christianity, the icons were primarily in klonnymy. They prayed, they hoped to find help in the healing and life. Icon brought the saint ‘s image on it over everyday life, emphasized his charisma. For ideas believers sanctified holy icon does not replace, but evidence of its presence, grace has properties, protects and heals. Photos embodied in icons, considered a model of moral purity and spirituality.



Сколівщина, сакральне мистецтво, дерев’яні церкви та дзвіниці, Skole District, sacred art, wooden churches, bell towers


Мельник В. Загальна характеристика церковного живопису Сколівщини (ХІХ–ХХ ст.) / Віра Мельник, Роман Мельник // Historical and Cultural Studies. – 2015. – Volume 2, number 1. – P. 73–76. – Бібліографія: 10 назв.