Accessibility analysis of scientific libraries web resources

A complex system of social and educational inclusion needs competent analysis to make it possible proper management and comprehensive improvement. To analyze one of the actual facets of such a system, namely, its ICT support, it is necessary to take into account the various needs of socially vulnerable people. A set of guidance to web accessibility is a convenient instrument, that provides various approaches in designing goods and technologies. Among other, such guidance helps to design websites with no access barriers, which is extremely important for people with special needs. To analyze the websites and different online resources, which might be of interest to a person with special needs during the social and educational inclusion, a list of characteristics was developed. It must be taken into account the classification and the structure of information materials, website`s structure, design, etc. The unification of the ICT for people, involved in educational and social inclusion, will improve informational and technological support of such process.
educational and social inclusion, IT support, IT resources ergonomics, WCAG 2.0, social websites characteristics
Accessibility analysis of scientific libraries web resources / V. Pasichnyk, T. Shestakevych, N. Kunanets, A. Rzheuskyi, V. Andrunyk // Econtechmod : scientific journal. — Lublin, 2019. — Vol 8. — No 4. — P. 9–16.