Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis using machine learning approach

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Національний університет «Львівська політехніка»


The master's qualification work was completed by Akshay Bajpai, a student of the KNSSh-21 group. Topic " Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnosis Using Machine Learning Approach". The work is aimed at obtaining a master's degree in the specialty 122 "Computer Science". The aim of the thesis is to build multiple neural networks to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease in older adults at an early stage for using the constructed models in practice. The aim of this research is to assist medical professionals in the early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease before it has fully metastasised and medical practices become useless. In this research I have used a total of nine machine learning models which include standalone models as well as ensemble machine learning models to automate the process of diagnosis of this illness and compare the efficiency of each model. Each model uses the best parameters to make predictions which revealed that the employed classification model using random forest performed the best among all the other models. The best parameters for each model were automatically set by employing for loops and conditional statements.



Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, machine learning, artificial intelligence, magnetic resonance imaging, exploratory data analysis.


Bajpai A. Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis using machine learning approach : explanatory note to the master's qualification thesis : 122 «Computer Science» / Akshay Bajpai ; Lviv Polytechnic National University. – Lviv, 2022. – 71 p.