Optimization of vibratory conveying upward by inclined track with polyharmonic normal vibration

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Lviv Politechnic Publishing House


The paper is devoted to the research of vibratory conveying of piece goods along an inclined track, performing harmonic longitudinal and polyharmonic normal vibrations. It is considered the conditions of reaching maximum conveying velocity at specified values of frequency and amplitude of longitudinal vibrations – the conditions of maximum dimensionless conveying velocity, depending on several dimensionless parameters in the moving modes without hopping. These dimensionless parameters are the inclination angle parameter – a ratio of an inclination angle tangent to a frictional coefficient, the intensive vibration coefficient – a ratio of the longitudinal amplitude of vibration to the amplitude of the first harmonic of normal vibration and frictional coefficient. Maximal conveying velocity is achieved at the certain values of normal vibration amplitudes and values of phase difference angles between longitudinal and normal vibrations, which are called optimal, and their values are dependent on these two dimensionless parameters, while maximum normal vibration acceleration should be equal to the gravitational acceleration. The research was made by approximate harmonic balance method and by numerical step-by-step integration method, which allows performing calculations with any given accuracy. The results obtained by the two methods are compared. To determine the maximal and optimal values of elevation angles, there are calculated the maximal value of the inclination angle parameter at which the value of dimensionless velocity is equal to zero, and the value of the inclination angle parameter at which a particle moves to a specified height in the minimum time. The optimal values of amplitudes of harmonics of polyharmonic normal vibration are determined in dependence on the inclination angle parameter with the number of harmonics from four to seven. The graphs of these dependencies are presented and the most important values of dimensionless parameters are presented in the table.



vibratory conveying, polyharmonic normal vibration, harmonic longitudinal vibration, electromagnetic drive


Vrublevskyi I. Optimization of vibratory conveying upward by inclined track with polyharmonic normal vibration / Ihor Vrublevskyi // Ukrainian Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science. – Lviv : Lviv Politechnic Publishing House, 2020. – Volume 6, № 2. – P. 34–42. – Bibliography: 13 titles.



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