Development of the learning model of innovative personality


Modern technologies have a great influence on our life, learning and communication. Both understanding of a learning process and acquisition of knowledge are changing. Key factors for a successful functioning in the modern world are learning, innovation and cooperation. A new phenomenon of a joint learning or self-education is developing. Connectivism, as a theory of learning, is adapted to the opportunities of our time and becomes the basis for the development and introduction of new pedagogical technologies in the era of globalization and computer technology. Connective training helps us shape all the key skills that we need to function in the modern world. Leading aspect in the learning process is the connection between learning activities and thinking. Value is represented not by the quantity of knowledge, but by its relevance. The key competences of this theory are the ability to use technological advances, to search for information in external databases and to link it to available knowledge and other information.



innovation technologies, connectivism, information and communication technologies, competence, model, connective learning


Shvay R. Development of the learning model of innovative personality / Rosksolyana Shvay, Yana Misiurak // Ukrainian Journal of Educational Research. — Lviv : Lviv Politechnic Publishing House, 2017. — Vol 2. — No 1. — P. 33–36.