Crisis affecting tourism relations between Turkey and Russia

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Lviv Polytechnic Publishing House


The tourism sector, considering its contribution to the national economy, is very important especially for developing countries. Developments in the countries as a result of globalization affect the tourism sector positively or negatively. Russia is an important market for Turkey and there are two major crisis affecting Turkish tourism. One of them is Ruble crisis and this crisis affected Turkish tourism indirectly. The other crisis is airplane and affected Turkish tourism directly. As a result, the Ruble crisis has not affected the Turkish tourism harshly, but the Turkish tourism was affected quite negatively by airplane crisis because of Russia's sanctions policy. This crisis affected Antalya mostly.



Tourism, Crisis, Ruble Crisis, Aircraft Crisis


Crisis affecting tourism relations between Turkey and Russia / Ceyhun C. Kilinc, Alper Ates, Halil Sunar, Mustafa Coskuner // Litteris et Artibus : proceedings of the 6th International youth science forum, November 24–26, 2016, Lviv, Ukraine / Lviv Polytechnic National University. – Lviv : Lviv Polytechnic Publishing House, 2016. – P. 474–475. – Bibliography: 12 titles.