Characteristic express checking of admittance measurement units for cyber-physical systems

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Publishing House of Lviv Polytechnic National University


Measurement of RLC-parameters of objects non-electric nature (for example, biological, agricultural, environmental, etc.) with high metrological characteristics is an essential element for building a cyber-physical systems analytical purposes. The reliability of the measurement results of the equipment can be provided only by periodic metrological control over the exploitation conditions. Traditionally analytical RLC-meters are calibrated by means of standard samples and it leads to significant problems in their metrological assurance and complicates whole procedure. It is suggested to make operating check of admittance measurement units metrological characteristics by use of intelligent devices based on code-controlled measures. Critical analysis of available approaches for measures creation was carried out and an admittance codecontrolled measure scheme based on active simulators was designed. The mathematic model for measuring transfer function, analytical devices calibration process and advantages of the operating check based code-controlled measure was presented too.



Code-controlled measures, cyber-physical systems, measurement channels, operative check of metrological characteristics, remote auto calibration, express control, physical-chemical measurements, codecontrolled measure, admittance, metrological characteristics, analytical devices


Characteristic express checking of admittance measurement units for cyber-physical systems / Vasyl Yatsuk, Yevhen Pokhodylo, Tetiana Bubela, Yurii Yatsuk // Advances in Cyber-Physical Systems. – 2016. – Volume 1, number 2. – P. 141–146. – Bibliography: 11 titles.