Інтернет-ресурси історії України в глобальній комп’ютерній мережі: інформаційне наповнення

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Видавництво Львівської політехніки


Досліджуються особливості інформаційного наповнення інтернет-ресурсів в гло- бальній комп’ютерній мережі загальною історичною проблематикою (окремі сайти, зокрема персональні, електронна енциклопедія “Вікіпедія”, онлайн бібліотеки), які охоплюють різні історичні періоди, від найдавніших часів до сьогодення. Визначено, що їх значна частина є недостатньою за інформаційним наповненням, перебуває на стадії розроблення або формування, також ґрунтується на використанні обмеженої кількості історіографічно-джерельної бази. Under present-day conditions any social institution tries to respond adequately to modern tendencies related to computerization and spreading of global internet space in order to function effectively. History as a system of objective knowledge about the past is no exception from this process and at present it penetrates into the internet more and more actively. The ability to find quickly the needed information, prompt placement of scientific researches in the network, interactive communication between scientists, conducting of direct scientific discussion etc., – all these factors contribute to it. The great importance of global informational space is supported by the fact that every authoritative scientific institution has its own website, and every scientific edition has electronic version on the internet. In this context, examination of questions on peculiarities of formation, content and problematic of internet resources regarding Ukrainian history is of current importance. They are widely represented both in the national segment of the worldwide network, defined by the top-level domain “.ua”, and on its global scale. Peculiarities analysis on functioning of Ukrainian history resources on the internet can be made from several viewpoints. First, from technical point of view: as a part of modern program and instrumental technologies of data exchange in computer network. Different ways of theirs creation, preservation, processing, study and transferring via informational technologies can be viewed within historical informatics. And, finally, resources of national history can be subject of study of history of Ukraine. In such case we can track its formation, content and problematic. Task of the article: to determine status of scientific development of themes and source base of research; to characterize peculiarities of formation of informational presence of Ukraine on the internet space; to examine specificity of internet resources regarding history of Ukraine in the official computer web-network; to make analysis on unofficial national internet resources regarding Ukrainian history; to determine peculiarities of the knowledge about Ukraine in the global computer network; to analyze Russian network resources regarding history of Ukraine; to characterize content and problematic of Ukrainian history of diaspora internet resources. As a result the following conclusions are made: there is no special research in the modern historiography with the subject on peculiarities of formation, content and problematic of internet resources of Ukrainian history in the global internet network. The found out source base is representative and reliable for thorough research on settled topic. Official Ukrainian computer internet network of national history, that has begun to form from the second half of the 90’s of the ХХ century, includes web-resources of governmental authorities, academic scientific research organizations, institutes of higher education of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. It represents internet resources on behalf of nation in the global informational space. Websites of state scientific research institutions, especially of some institutions of history, philosophy department and law section of social sciences and humanities of The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, represent current state of development and informatization of historical science in Ukraine. Their content and problematic depend on the issues settled for every specific institution. In general, materials of these websites (electronic versions of articles, special collections, journals, monographs, own electronic projects, etc.) reflect national history of different chronological periods. Unofficial Ukrainian internet resources of national history, that do not represent in global informational space any state institutions, are divided into network resources of general historical problematic and thematic historical websites. Thematic web-resources are introduced by specialized websites, with personal and “memorial” among them, and internet sites of military-historical reconstruction, virtual museums and historical forums. Key problematic of such web-resources is history of Cossacks, Holodomor of 1932-1933, Ukrainian national liberation movement. Network resources regarding history of Ukrainian cities and regions become more popular. Sites, thematic articles and columns, dedicated to certain individuals, especially to military or political figures, actively spread within this subgroup.



інтернет-ресурси, інтернет-ресурси, сайт, “Вікіпедія”, Ukrainian history resources on the internet, specialized websites


Мина Ж. В. Інтернет-ресурси історії України в глобальній комп’ютерній мережі: інформаційне наповнення / Ж. В. Мина, А. М. Пелещишин // Вісник Національного університету "Львівська політехніка". – 2014. – № 809 : Держава та армія. – С. 104–109. – Бібліографія: 7 назв.