Польські політичні в’язні на теренах Російської імперії напередодні Першої світової війни: факти і документи

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Видавництво Львівської політехніки


На основі архівних даних, наукових публікацій та мемуарної літератури висвітлю- ється питання присутності польських політичних в’язнів на теренах Російської імперії напередодні Першої світової війни. The presence in the Russian Empire of Polish political prisoners on the eve of the First World War was the factor that somehow destabilized the political situation. Regardless of their political orientation – the central unit or the Entente countries, all of them in one way or another, were in positions restoration of Polish statehood. Therefore, going to the question of their presence on the eve of the First World War in the Russian Empire is of considerable interest for cognitive-polonistiv historians and researchers for the modern history of Russia. Literary sources of research outlined above topics can be divided into three groups: archival sources; scientific publications (monographs and articles); memoirs literature. Exactly the combination of these sources makes it possible to recover more or less integrated and objective picture of the presence in the Russian Empire Polish political prisoners, and their role and participation in the decision of the Polish question. At that time in prisons, in penal and in exile, in Russia were thousands of Polish revolutionaries belonging to two Polish left-wing parties: SDKPL, PPS-left and also centreright party to – PPS – “revolutionary factions.” Particularly large numbering among political prisoners and vyslantsiv were members SDKPL. Most of them were serving imprisonment and exile for participation in the First Russian Revolution. Besides from Siberia, some Poles – opponents of the tsarist regime – was in exile and in some provinces of the European part of the Russian Empire; specifically, in exile in Vologda province. If we characterize the political complement of prisoners and Polish exiles, that were above-mentioned territory, it was marked a huge variegated of political views and moods. Expounded facts about prisoners and exiled Poles are not exhaustive, they can give only a general notion of the large group of Polish community, members of national liberation and revolutionary movement in Poland, which were before World War II imprisoned in the king ‘prison, in convict colony and political exile in different parts of the Russian Empire.



СДКПіЛ, ППС-лівиця, ППС-“Фракція революційна”, SDKPL, PPS-Left, PPS – “Revolutionary Faction”


Морушко О. О. Польські політичні в’язні на теренах Російської імперії напередодні Першої світової війни: факти і документи / О. О. Морушко // Вісник Національного університету "Львівська політехніка". – 2014. – № 809 : Держава та армія. – С. 42–46. – Бібліографія: 21 назва.