Architectural patterns in front-end development

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Software technologies tend to change, but many patterns remain the same. Nowadays in software development we use modern frameworks and libraries, but often it is hard to answer a question – why certain framework was choosen. A large number of design patterns were developed decades ago, at a time when desktop and enterprise application development were popular. They were designed by engineers to reduce the complexity of processing large amounts of information within applications. Browser applications have become increasingly popular today, but a need to process a large amount of data remains relevant. Patterns, designed ten years ago, can greatly simplify development of client side of web applications today.
Pattern, web application, MVC, MVP, MVVM, FLUX, REDUX, SPA, RIA
Martyn О. Architectural patterns in front-end development / Oleh Martyn // Computational Linguistics and Intelligent Systems. – Lviv, 2020. – Volume 2 : Proceedings of the 4nd International conference, COLINS 2020. Workshop, Lviv, Ukraine, June 23–24, 2020. – P. 125–133. – URL: (дата звернення: 08.11.2022). – Bibliography: 50 titles.