Theory and practice of obtaining composite materials based on polymer blends

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Lviv Politechnic Publishing House


The regularities of the thermodynamic compatibility of various industrially produced polyolefins and heterochain polymers and the possibility of obtaining composite materials based on their mixtures with significantly increased performance properties based on existing production facilities and process equipment have been identified. The methods have been developed for the chemical and physical modification of individual polymers, their mixtures to improve the performance properties of composite materials; including the method of modification of polyethylene, which made it possible to significantly increase its thermal stability in air and in vacuum, anti-corrosion properties. The effectiveness of the use in composite materials of the petroleum resin PPC intended to produce the products operated under conditions of increased mechanical wear, temperatures, pressures and deformations. Developed composite materials based on mixtures of PVC, TPU, CCPE+PVC, CCPE+PU, LDPE+BR, technology of their manufacturing and processing, application of new efficient products with extreme operating conditions: injection molded tires for agricultural machines, casing stabbing baskets, nuclear magnetic logging probes, scrapers and bucket elevators, sealing rings for pneumatic radiators, indented surface of the grain cleaning machines.



compatibility, injection molded tires, processing, solubility parameter, chlorocarboxylated polyethylene (CCPE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), composition, obtaining mixtures of polymers


Shixaliyev K. Theory and practice of obtaining composite materials based on polymer blends / Karam Shixaliyev, Ibrahim Abbasov, Khaver Sadig // Ukrainian Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science. – Lviv : Lviv Politechnic Publishing House, 2019. – Volume 5, № 2. – P. 1–15 . – Bibliography: 23 titles.