Fog computing and Big data in projects of class smart city

The possibilities of using the information technology of foggy computing, which implements the processes of selecting primary messages from sensory nodes and their processing, and further transferring the results of primary computing to server environments based on information technology platforms of cloud type are analyzed in the article. It is noted that both of the approaches – mist and cloud computing – can be effectively used in a wide range of applications, in particular those that are used in information and technology complexes of “smart cities”. The system of parameters which distinguishes a separate class of information technologies called Big data is analyzed in the paper. The analysis made it possible to fix 10 basic parameters of the so-called 10 v, with the help of which a separate class of information technologies is allocated. Big data technologies, along with the technologies of foggy and cloud computing are elements of a powerful information technology platform that allows us to solve a wide range of problems for smart cities. The authors illustrated the systemtechnological connections of these classes of information technologies and analyzed the possibilities of their use in the context of implementation of the information technology project “Ternopil Smart city”.
cloud technology, foggy computing, Big data, information technology platform, smart city
Fog computing and Big data in projects of class smart city / O. Duda, N. Kunanets, O. Matsiuk, V. Pasichnyk, A. Rzheuskyi // Econtechmod. — Lublin, 2018. — Vol 7. — No 3. — P. 7–12.