Analysis of structure and kinematics of four-bar crank-rocker walkingmechanism

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Problems and prospects of using the walking mode for producing motion of robotic systems are considered. Advantages and spheres of the use of mobile robotic systems equipped with walking movers are substantiated. Preferences of cyclic (lever) walking mechanisms are analyzed. The kinematic parameters of four-bar crank-rocker walking mechanism, constructed on the basis of Chebyshov-Umnov mechanism, are accepted as the subject of research. The process of motion of the supporting foot of the walking mechanism is accepted as the object of research. The main aim of the investigation consists in carrying out structure and kinematics analysis of the mentioned mechanism with further derivation of analytical dependencies for calculating kinematic parameters of the supporting foot motion. The special features of the structure of four-bar walking mechanism and theoretical foot loci (paths) are considered. The form of the most reasonable path for further research is established. As a result of carried out structure analysis, it is ascertained that the mechanism consists of two structural groups: that of the first class and that of the second class second order first type. As a result of kinematics analysis, the analytical expressions for calculation of coordinates of the supporting foot hinge of the walking mechanism depending on geometric parameters of the mechanism and the angle of the crank rotation are deduced. The prospects of further investigation under the themes of the paper are analyzed. In particular, the goal function, which may be used for further optimization of structural parameters of the mechanism, is considered and the use of applied software for solving optimization problem is suggested. The optimization problem consists in evaluating such geometric parameters of the walking mechanism which allow the motion of the supporting foot in accordance with the prescribed (specified) path.




Korendiy V. Analysis of structure and kinematics of four-bar crank-rocker walkingmechanism / Vitaliy Korendiy // Ukrainian Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science. – 2015. – Volume 1, number 2. – Р. 21–34. – Bibliography: 16 titles.



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