Modeling natural language communication in chat robots

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Українські технології


In the article the study of the mechanisms and models of natural language communication in automatic dialogue design systems is carried out. The theory of language, which explains the natural transfer of information in a way that is functionally coherent, mathematically explicit, and computationally efficient, is in the focus of attention. The article suggests the analysis of the dialogue, generated automatically by a chat robot in view of their further functional and linguistic specification.



computer science, natural language communication, robot, alogue design, human-machine interaction


Biskub I. Modeling natural language communication in chat robots / I. Biskub // Computer science and information technologies : proceedings of the international conference (September 28th-30th, Lviv, Ukraine) / Lviv Polytechnic National University, Institute of Computer Science and Information Technologies. – Lviv, 2006. – P. 12–18. – Bibliography: 5 titles.