Conditions for the formation of cavitation

Знак, Зеновій Орестович
Сухацький, Юрій Вікторович
Зінь, Ольга Іванівна
Znak, Zenovii Orestovych
Sukhatskii, Yurii Viktorovych
Zin, Olha Ivanivna
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Видавництво Львівської політехніки
Based on analysis of information sources was found that dimensionless complexes - numbers of cavitation, Reynolds, Weber - are used tocharacterize the intensity of the development of cavitation phenomena. It was established the criticalvalue of the Reynolds criterion (Reqr = 32,500) in the case of the treatment of the aqueous medium in a hydrodynamic jet cavitator, which will enable to regulate the intensity of the development of cavitation and to avoid its negative consequences.
cavitation , cavitation , simplexes of geometric similarity , simplexes of geometric similarity , number of cavitation , number of cavitation , Reynolds number , Reynolds number , hydrodynamic jet cavitator , hydrodynamic jet cavitator
Znak Z. Conditions for the formation of cavitation / Z. Znak, Yu. Sukhatskii, O. Zin // Chemical technology and engineering : proceedings 2nd International scientific conference, (Lviv, June 24–28th, 2019). – Lviv : Lviv Polytechnic National University, 2019. – P. 67–68. – Bibliography: 2 titlts.