Econtechmod. – 2014. – Vol. 3, No. 1

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International quarterly journal on economics in technology, new technologies and modelling processes.

Econtechmod : an international quarterly journal on economics in technology, new technologies and modelling processes. – Lublin ; Rzeszow, 2014. – Volum 3, number 1. – 139 p.


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    Зміст до "Econtechmod" Volum 3, number 1
    (Lviv Polytechnic National University, 2014)
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    Geodistributed analysis of forest phytomass: Subcarpathian voivodeship as a case study
    (Lviv Polytechnic National University, 2014) Striamets, O.; Lyubinsky, B.; Charkovska, N.; Stryamets, S.; Bun, R.
    An approach to the implementation of spatial inventory of greenhouse gas sinks and emissions in forestry sector is presented. The algorithms for disaggregation of official statistical data on forests at the regional level, and formation of geodistributed database using the digital map of land use are proposed. As an example the forests of Subcarpathian Voivodeship of Poland were investigated. This study presents the results of modeling the flow of carbon in forest phytomass taking into account different tree species composition, age class and other characteristics. The ‘regional’ coefficients for phytomass and carbon deposited were clarified taking into account regional specificity. Also an algorithm for determining aboveground and underground phytomass of tree by its stock and forests of different types has been created. The correlation between the total area and stock for each species of forest-forming stands was analysed. The multilayer digital maps of deposited carbon, and greenhouse gas emissions in forests of Subcarpathian Voivodeship were created. For the spatial inventory of forest phytomass the territory of voivodeship was divided into square areas 2x2 kilometers in size, and stock phytomass in each such elementary area has been analised. Acheaved results were verified using GIS technology, and forest inventory data.
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    Freelancers in Ukraine: characteristics and principles of their activity
    (Lviv Polytechnic National University, 2014) Skybinskyi, O.; Solyarchuk, N.
    In the article the main results of a survey conducted by the authors in Ukraine were considered. Some results of the survey have been compared with data of similar surveys that have been conducted abroad. The basic characteristics of average statistical Ukrainian freelancer, including the e-lancers distribution by gender, level of education, and the distance between their residence and the nearest big city have been considered. Also, according to the survey, the distribution of Ukrainian freelancers by types of activities and gender has been done. The structure of Ukrainian freelancers by the way of freelance combination with other types of activities has been determined. Distribution of working hours by gender of Ukrainian freelancers has been done.
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    Commercialization of high-tech products: theoretical-methodological aspects
    (Lviv Polytechnic National University, 2014) Shpak, N.; Knyaz, S.; Myroshchenko, N.; Kolomiyets, O.
    Based on theoretical knowing of modern, economic concepts of innovation, systems theory, management and information and also on the practice of their using in the management system of enterprises, in this case was proposed a new solution of scientific problems. It was the development of theoretical and methodical applied principles concerning the commercialization of high-tech products industry.
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    Improving administrative management costs using optimization modeling
    (Lviv Polytechnic National University, 2014) Podolchak, N.; Melnyk, L.; Chepil, B.
    It is important to determine the optimal level of administrative costs in order to achieve main targets of any enterprise, to perform definite tasks, to implement these tasks and not to worsen condition and motivation of the workers. Also it is essential to remember about strategic goals in the area of HR on the long run. Therefore, the main idea in using optimization model for assessing the effectiveness of management costs will be to find the minimum level of expenses within the given limits.
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    Factors influencing the enterprise innovation
    (Lviv Polytechnic National University, 2014) Yachmeneva, V.; Vol’s’ka, G.
    The factors that influenced the enterprise innovation are investigated and summarized in the article. Key factors of impact on the enterprise innovation are grouped. Their relationship and mutual influence are proved. Graphic reflect on the impact of external and internal environment factors of the innovative enterprise characteristics are constructed.
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    Factors used for modeling process of forming ecological management instruments of industrial enterprise based on cognitive cards
    (Lviv Polytechnic National University, 2014) Svyatokho, N.
    The article is devoted to the process of forming ecological management instruments of industrial enterprise which belongs to weak-structured problems that are complex in nature and those that are different in qualitative dependencies between structural elements. The essence of cognitive cards is searched as a subjective model of the situation (process), based on the expertise and knowledge. Factors that are used to simulate the process of forming industrial ecological management instruments are marked on the basis of cognitive cards, in terms of achieving the overall socio-ecological-economic efficiency of its operations and its stated requirements. The character, composition and direction of the relationship between indicators within the proposed factors are defined.
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    Theoretical backgrounds of organizational changes fulfillment in an enterprise management system
    (Lviv Polytechnic National University, 2014) Oleksiv, I.; Lisovuch, T.
    The entity of the notion of organizational changes in an enterprise management system has been developed in the given paper. The theories of organizational changes fulfillment have been considered. The process of the actualization of organizational changes in an enterprise management system has been formed. The importance of implementation of the organizational changes in the company was revealed. Were reviewed conceptual approaches to organizational development of the company. A number of suggestions for the successful implementation of organizational changes in the management were formed. Were analyzed different approaches of the implementation of organizational changes in the company. Were reviewed conceptual approaches to organizational development of the company. Certain features of the implementation of organizational changes in the management of the company were analyzed. Also were analyzed some problems that can occur in various management systems of the organization and developed some proposition to resolve them.
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    The formation of the enterprises rating activity system on the criterion of investment attractiveness
    (Lviv Polytechnic National University, 2014) Kuzmin, O.; Chyrkova, Yu.; Tovstenyuk, O.
    The value of rating activity usage in terms of evaluation of enterprises investment attractiveness is grounded. There is proved the necessity of enterprises rating evaluation within financial, economic, technological, productive, HR and market areas and it is outlined the indicator content of each area to provide multi-criteria rating activity.
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    Decreasing of error probability in telecommunication access networks by using amplitude modulation of many components
    (Lviv Polytechnic National University, 2014) Klymash, M.; Gorbatyy, I.
    The paper addresses the research of data transmission technologies in telecommunication access networks. These networks are characterized by limited bandwidth and are suitable for high speed data transmission. Particular attention is paid on the data transmission technologies in telecommunication access networks based on symmetrical telecommunication lines. Paper proposes the method of adaptive data transmission in telecommunication access networks using amplitude modulation of many components. The results of mathematical modeling are presented, which allows estimating the bit error rate decrease in telecommunication access networks using this method.
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    Optimization of the structural components of gearwheels of cylindrical reducing gears
    (Lviv Polytechnic National University, 2014) Vasyljeva, О.; Kuzio, I.
    For the first time the design equations for determining the structural components of cylindrical tooth gears of reduction units are improved allowing for the use of informational technologies (IT). On the basis of the equations obtained the optimizing mathematical model of the optimal synthesis of structural components of tooth gearwheels has been developed. For solving the optimizing model the Monte-Carlo method is applied. The structural parameters (quantities), obtained by the developed optimizing mathematical model, have optimal values with probability up to 0.95 under the conditions of necessary strength and production safety. The implementation of the optimization process is recommended at the design institutions for the design of the cylindrical reduction drives for different objects of mechanical engineering and into the educational process of higher technical educational institutions while studying theoretical matters, accompanied by the use of IT.
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    The analyses of marketing strategies for innovations
    (Lviv Polytechnic National University, 2014) Kharchuk, V.; Kendzor, I.; Petryshyn, N.
    Nowadays, innovations are necessary conditions for enterprise sustainable development. Moreover marketing strategy is the crucial element of ensures diffusion of innovation. The purpose of marketing strategy is to conduct market analyze, segment the market, develop marketing approach, right product portfolio and finally marketing plan. This article highlights the comprehensive role of marketing strategies for innovations. The results show, that marketing analyze for marketing strategy enables enterprises to go beyond the solely understanding of customer needs, thus enabling them to develop unexpected innovations. Marketing strategies also help companies to overcome barriers, associated with innovation commercialization. At the same time innovations can be a trigger for new marketing methods and instruments.
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    Investigation of numerical model of Lenze 530 Dc drive in Matlab
    (Lviv Polytechnic National University, 2014) Golodnyi, І.; Lawrinenko, Yu.; Toropov, A.
    This paper describes DC drive with thyristor voltage regulator Lenze 530 series. To investigate the transients of the drive system developed numerical model in MatLab is developed. Dual circuit structural diagram of “TCV-DC motor” system with negative feedback for the current and angular speed or current and armature voltage in model is realized. By introduction of current feedback, torque and current limit are achieved and with using of armature voltage or tacho automatic speed stabilization is obtained. At this model certain standard settings of cascade control system are made. The basis of the internal loop consist from PI-regulator with KP.C=2 and KI.C=100 gains, TCV and armature transfer functions, covered by armature current feedback. Current controller is configured at technical optimum. Second circuit can have armature voltage feedback; can be tuned at technical optimum and has a P-regulator with KP.S=36 gain. In same way it can have a speed negative feedback with the same tunings. A numerical model has restrictive blocks: to limit the maximum and minimum speed and maximum current. To demonstrate the obtained results virtual oscilloscopes were used. Also the electromechanical characteristics of the drive with armature voltage and current or speed and current feedbacks using XYGraph block are presented. At this paper the electromechanical characteristic of the real DC drive Lenze 530 series is presented too. According to research results at numerical model and physical investigation equipment graphs of instantaneous values of current and electromechanical characteristics are made. Analysis of graphs confirms the adequacy of the results obtained at the numerical model and the real drive system, which enables the use of the developed numerical model for the investigation of similar DC drives. DC drive model with thyristor voltage regulator Lenze 534 and results of investigations of electromechanical properties are presented.
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    Technology of evaluation of intellectual property objects of enterprise with the objective of their further sale
    (Lviv Polytechnic National University, 2014) Chernobay, L.; Melnyk, L.; Shpak, Y.
    The existing classification of intellectual property objects (IPO) in order to give a more precise definition of it was analyzed; the criteria for IPO valuation of an enterprise were formed; the approaches and corresponding methods of enterprise’s IPO valuation were analyzed; valuation technology of enterprise’s IPO for subsequent sale taking into account the suggested selection criteria was developed.
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    Assessment of personnel risks at adoption of administrative decisions
    (Lviv Polytechnic National University, 2014) Tsvetkova, I.
    In article the technique of an assessment of personnel risks is developed at a choice of optimum version of the administrative decision. The analysis of alternatives in the course of decision-making assumes serial consideration of all candidates solution with determination of advantages and shortcomings of each option by all possible criteria, including on a factor of personnel risks. Following the results of an assessment the card of risks is formed, and the assessment of an acceptability of lternative is defined as average weighed by each stage of realization of alternative where as weight information evaluation test is accepted.
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    Problems of intercultural communication in temporary project teams in Ukraine
    (Lviv Polytechnic National University, 2014) Chukhray, N.; Gawrys, J.
    The paper deals with the problems of managing intercultural communication in implementing temporary complex projects. The essence and tasks of communication in difficult temporary project teams are explained. The author describes the main peculiarities of intercultural communication in Ukraine and CIS countries. The problems in managing intercultural communication in implementing temporary complex projects are given on the example of designing and constructioning of the Lviv stadium "Arena Lviv".
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    Information technology for studying carbon sink in stemwood of forest ecosystems
    (Lviv Polytechnic National University, 2014) Tokar, O.; Lesiv, M.; Korol, M.
    An information technology for calculation of carbon ink in stemwood of forest ecosystems on a territorial basis is developed. This information technology involves interpretation of input data of statistical inventory of forest stands using electronic maps of forestry, formation of databases and processing the data by applying a special algorithm for calculating the carbon sink in stemwood and presenting the results in a form of thematic maps. The estimation of the carbon sink in stemwood is done by using a "bottom-up" (wood – sample plots (SP) - forestry) approach applying mathematical models of distributed inventory of the carbon sink that take into account regional specificities of species in the study area and average annual growth of biomass. We estimated carbon sink in stemwood using data from experimental studies conducted on 54 sample plots of forestry “Spaske” of forest enterprise "Broshnivske FE" of Ivano-Frankivsk region. The largest carbon sink occurs in mixed forest ecosystems - 1829 tons/year, the average carbon sink (per ha) is 951 kg/year. The information technology can be applied for estimation of the carbon sink in forest stemwood in any part of Ukraine or another country where necessary input data are available.
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    Use of extrapolation to forecast the working capital in the mechanical engineering companies
    (Commission of Motorization and Energetics in Agriculture, 2014) Cherep, A.; Shvets, Y.
    The purpose of the article is to study the method of extrapolation, highlighting the effectiveness of the financial activity of JSC «ZAZ» and for its future development. In the process of analyzing and exploring the scientific work of many scientists, effectiveness of using the extrapolation method for predicting performance was determined. As a result of research in the article analyzes the financial position of the enterprises of mechanical engineering in modern conditions, the efficiency of working capital in recent years determined. The feasibility of using the method of extrapolation in terms of instability of the market economy was investigated and proved. The forecast of working capital and total sales was made. It is offered to use in research the linear correlation coefficient of the pair, the method of least deviation, t – Student's criterion. Data obtained on the basis of the forecast enables businesses to improve their performance, to compete at a high level with other entities to establish a system of sales, to avoid crises in the future, increase profits and develop programs to reduce costs. Prospects for further research in this area will improve and develop an integrated system of economic methods on prediction performance of engineering enterprises based on current market position and variability of the environment.
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    Directions of improvement of the logistic systems in the forest complex of Belarus
    (Commission of Motorization and Energetics in Agriculture, 2014) Baranowski, S.; Busko, E.; Shishlo, S.; Tanas, W.
    The article suggests a conceptual model of the formation and effective functioning of the forest complexenterprise logistics, consisting of macro-and micrologistics subsystems, which builds on the methodological principles (consistency, completeness and integrity, adaptability, specificity, reliability), forestry peculiarities (available sources of raw materials on the territory of belarus, seasonal variations in timber harvesting and selling finished products, a full cycle of timber processing, the possibility of non-waste production). the model includes the organizational-economic mechanism of logistics systems formation (including logistics management techniques, the strategy of the logistics system, building relationships between items), tools to enhance the system functioning (evaluation of its operations effectiveness, modeling different versions of production supply and distribution of finished products, the product line planning methodology). The authoring allows you to take into account the interests of all distribution participants (providers, enterprises, consumers) and aims to increase the effectiveness of materials management and relevant information and financial flows.