Теорія і практика будівництва. – 2007. – №600

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Вісник Національного університету «Львівська політехніка»

У Віснику опубліковано результати закінчених науково-дослідних робіт професорсько-викладацького складу Інституту будівництва та інженерії довкілля Національного університету «Львівська політехніка», українських та зарубіжних науковців.

Вісник Національного університету «Львівська політехніка» : [збірник наукових праць] / Міністерство освіти і науки України, Національний університет «Львівська політехніка». – Львів : Видавництво Національного університету «Львівська політехніка», 2007. – № 600 : Теорія і практика будівництва / відповідальний редактор З. Я. Бліхарський. – 583 с. : іл.


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    Ocena zgodnosci własciwosci betonu
    (Видавництво Національного університету «Львівська політехніка», 2007) Wolinski, Sz.
    The subject of this paper are methods and criteria of conformity for the ready mixed concrete properties. Using the Monte Carlo simulation method sampling plans recommended in codes, based upon the acceptable quality level (AQL) and statistical criteria have been analyzed. The analyses show that in cases of small sample sizes these criteria can produce an undesired effects to the both producer and contractor. An approach based on assessing the risk of producer and contractor is also discussed in the paper.
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    Diminishing of legionella infection risk in hot water supply
    (Видавництво Національного університету «Львівська політехніка», 2007) Vranayova, Z.; Kosicanova, D.; Ocipova, D.
    The presence of Legionella pneumophila in hot and cold water systems inside any building is to be expected. Hotels and hospitals abroad, particularly those located in old buildings, represent a major source of risk for Legionnaires' disease due to the high frequency of Legionella contamination. The most vulnerable individuals are normally the elderly, or those already weakened by sickness or disease. The subject of the paper is our investigation Legionella contamination of hot water in a cross-sectional survey in Kosice, the second biggest city of the Slovak republic.
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    Sustainable building assessment systems summary
    (Видавництво Національного університету «Львівська політехніка», 2007) Vilceková, S.; Burdová, E.; Šenitková, I.
    In the past decade, building environmental assessment methods have been developed in different countries for evaluating the building performance. Seven models used world wide in relation to environmental assessment of buildings, were compared on the basis of their covered. In this paper will be presented the summary of sustainable building assessment systems and the proposal of system applicable in Slovakia.
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    Mechanical properties and physico-chemical aspects of concrete after cooling from high temperatures
    (Видавництво Національного університету «Львівська політехніка», 2007) Varga, T.
    In the presented paper, changes of some mechanical properties of concrete after cooling from high temperatures are compared. Tested concrete was prepared according to the same composition, while only the mineral composition of aggregate was changed, which was andesite, dolomite or river gravel. Availability of various aggregate kind was purposed by comparison of mechanical properties of concrete.
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    Equivalent standard axle loads analysis on lithuanian arterial highways
    (Видавництво Національного університету «Львівська політехніка», 2007) Šukevicius, Š.
    As the flows of vehicles, especially heavy goods vehicles are growing on the roads of Lithuania, the remaining deformations of the pavements are appearing and progressing also cracks originate because of low pavement strength. The biggest loads are caused by heavy goods vehicles, which total number increases 17% annually. This paper presents analysis of the damage caused by transport vehicles axle loads to the asphalt pavement roads. This influence estimated through calculation equivalent standard axle load index.
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    Zmiennosc wytrzymałosci betonu na sciskanie wytwarzanego w wezłach betoniarskich w rejonie Podkarpacia
    (Видавництво Національного університету «Львівська політехніка», 2007) Skrzypczak, I.
    In this paper analysis of homogeneity for the chosen four concrete mixes of B20 strength class, produced in 1999 and 2000, have been presented. These concrete were applied in four different bridge objects realized in Podkarpacie region.
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    Rozkład prawdopodobienstwa wytrzymałosci na sciskanie betonu klasy B20
    (Видавництво Національного університету «Львівська політехніка», 2007) Skrzypczak, I.
    In this paper investigation results of concretes samples, obtained from construction realized in Podkarpacie region, have been presented. Conformity of empirical data with theoretical distributions has been tested with application of four distributions: normal, lognormal, gamma, chi 2.
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    Wybrane aspekty kształtowania przekrycia powłokowego na przykładzie obiektu sakralnego
    (Видавництво Національного університету «Львівська політехніка», 2007) Reichhart, A.; Sobolewski, H.
    The form of a designed construction prepared by an architect is often complete, comprehensive. Then constructor’s task consists in building appropriate structure into such a form. When the form is irregular, shaping of the structure is more complicated. This article presents an example of shaping structure in such a situation.
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    Investigation of stiffness of cable and W-form road guardrails
    (Видавництво Національного університету «Львівська політехніка», 2007) Prentkovskis, O.; Dabulevicien, L.; Prentkovskien, R.; Bogdevicius, M.; Blož, V.
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    Large panel housing building in europe problems and solutions
    (Видавництво Національного університету «Львівська політехніка», 2007) Plewako, Z.
    Paper deals west European countries experiences related to existing multi dwelling building stock made of large panel technology in second half of last century. The actual problems and applied technical solutions are presented. Though for east Europe discussed problems partially are not important now, in coming years could be more significant, and the proposed solutions might become useful.
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    Analiza zmian entropii w obiegach sprezarkowych pomp ciepła
    (Видавництво Національного університету «Львівська політехніка», 2007) Pisarev, V.; Sałacinski, B.
    The paper contains an analysis of compressor heat pumps cycles. From the point of view of enthalpy changes in a refrigerant compression process and heat exchange between refrigerant and heat carrier, an influence of inserting a second condenser in the cycle was examined.
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    Analysis of the steel joint with four bolts in the row
    (Видавництво Національного університету «Львівська політехніка», 2007) Pisarek, Z.; Kozłowski, A.
    In unbraced steel frame structures, bolted extended end-plate moment connections with four bolts in the row are very often applied. In this article a different methods are presented for the calculation of beam - to - column joints with four bolts in each row. The component method is recently the most popular method for the estimation of the moment capacity, initial stiffness, and rotation capacity of the steel and composite joints. This method has been recently largely developed, but still the resistance and stiffness of some components are not evaluated. This mainly regards the T-stubs with four bolts. An analytical model for T-stub with four bolts, which can be used for prediction of the joint resistance and initial stiffness has been elaborated.
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    On the problem of safety evaluation in design of steel members for accidental fire situation
    (Видавництво Національного університету «Львівська політехніка», 2007) Maslak, M.; Domanski, T.
    Failure probability can be applied as a basic safety measure in design of structural member under fire conditions. To reliable assess this value interacted influences of many factors should be taken into account. Some suggestions in this field are given in this paper.
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    Abilities of energy consumption rationalization in individual boiler in educational buildings
    (Видавництво Національного університету «Львівська політехніка», 2007) Lis, P.
    The paper presents the results of investigations on abilities of energy consumption rationalization in individual boiler in educational buildings. Central heating is a system consisting of two main elements: heat source and central heating installation. The basic parameter in evaluation of central heating boilers is nominal n and useful u efficiency of heat production. The greater the efficiency of the central heating boiler, the less fuel should be used to produce a certain amount of heat. Differences in this case are considerable, which also influences energy consumption and costs of heating the building.
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    Factors influenced on heat gains and heat losses in buildings
    (Видавництво Національного університету «Львівська політехніка», 2007) Lis, A.
    The paper presents the results of investigations on building’s heat gains and heat losses. The heat balance conditions in selected buildings were observed. The factors, which influence heat gains and heat losses in analysed building were identified. The changes of value of these quantities on the influence of individual factors were estimated.
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    The redesign features of existing structures
    (Видавництво Національного університету «Львівська політехніка», 2007) Kudzys, A.; Lukoševicien, O.; Bulota, P.
    A residual survival probability of members and systems of existing structures subjected to extreme service and climate actions is considered. The time-dependent safety margin of particular members (sections, bars, connections) and its modifications as stochastic finite sequences are discussed. The prediction of primary and revised instantaneous and long-term survival probabilities of members is introduced. The effect of deterministic short-term extreme action effects on the values of revised survival probabilities of existing members is based on the concepts of truncated resistance distributions and Bayesian statistical approaches. The revised reliability index of precast concrete floor slabs is considered and demonstrated by the numerical example.
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    Nádrž, kvapalina a podložie
    (Видавництво Національного університету «Львівська політехніка», 2007) Kotrasová, K.
    This article contains description of some methods for solution of response of vertical rectangular containment with fluid on the soil, which is subject to horizontal seismic loads. First part of the present article consideres impulsive and convective components of the fluid with various dynamic behaviours. The special method of calculation of response of containment is described in further part of the paper. Computer-program Cosmos/M was used.
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    Prístupy modelovania sendvicovej dosky s povrchovými laminátovými vrstvami
    (Видавництво Національного університету «Львівська політехніка», 2007) Kormaníková, E.; Duraj, J.
    One special group of laminated composites used extensively in engineering applications are sandwich composites. The paper deals with the solution of 3-layered rectangular sandwich plate with laminated composite faces. There are described analytical and numerical approach of the modelling of sandwich plate with laminated composite faces. The assumptions involved in modelling the behaviour of the outer layers and the core result into a set of five differential equations. For application of the finite element method there were derived appropriate stiffness, stress and load matrices. The correctness of their implementation into the computer program is compared with program COSMOS/M.
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    Porowatosc betonu wyznaczona metodami stereologicznymi oraz jej wpływ na własciwosci mechaniczne betonu
    (Видавництво Національного університету «Львівська політехніка», 2007) Konkol, J.; Tomasik, A.
    In this article introduced results of experimental research of air void of concrete from use the parameters the stereological by the computer programme FRAKTAL_Stereolog. The subject of research was to examine the influence of water-cement ratio in concrete mixture on durability properties of natural gravel concrete in view of fracture mechanics too. Existence of relationship between the composition, the structure and properties of the tested concrete has been proved on the basis of the executed research.
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    Analiza korelacji miedzy parametrami morfologii powierzchni przełomów betonów
    (Видавництво Національного університету «Львівська політехніка», 2007) Konkol, J.; Prokopski, G.
    In article the results of investigations of fracture surfaces of concrete has been shown. Determined the profile lines development factor RL and the fracture surfaces development factor RS, versus composition of concretes as well as the dependence between fractal dimension D and parameters RL and RS. The existence statistical correlation between fractal dimension D and these parameters has been shown too. With growth the both fractographical parameters (RL and RS) enlarged oneself also the value of fractal dimension.