Міжнародні інтегральні показники оцінки ефективності роботи державних службовців у країнах ЄС



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Видавництво Львівської політехніки
Lviv Politechnic Publishing House


Досліджено основні загальноприйняті показники оцінювання окремих аспектів діяльності державного управління, котрі застосовують у міжнародній практиці. За допомогою інструментів бенчмаркінгу виконано порівняльний аналіз цих показників у деяких країнах ЄС, а також тенденцій ефективності роботи та професійного й особистісного розвитку державних службовців у цих країнах. Встановлено чинники впливу на вибрані показники ефективності та наведено рекомендації щодо того, як їх можна підвищити, запропоновано стратегії та практики, які допомогли б досягти найвищої результативності. Досліджено досвід інших країн, що вже імплементували зміни, актуальні для нас сьогодні.
This article examines the main generally accepted indicators for assessing certain aspects of public administration, which are used in international practice. The study of these indicators will provide a general description of the quality of the existing system of public administration and the effectiveness and efficiency of its operation, as well as reflect the existing features of socio-political life and economic policy implemented in the country by public (primarily and largely public) government and administration. The authors selected integrated indicators of public administration for 6 countries for the period from 2012 to 2019. A comparative analysis of these indicators was conducted using benchmarking tools in some EU countries. The results of the study will allow a comparative analysis of trends in performance and professional and personal development of civil servants in some EU countries, identify factors influencing these indicators and understand how they can be improved, find strategies and practices that helped achieve the highest efficiency, study the experience of others countries that have already made changes that are relevant to us today. This, in turn, will allow to focus on achieving a specific goal, which outlines the ways of development of public administration and its individual mechanisms, to constantly monitor the level of its achievement, highlight existing problems, suggest ways to solve them, reform management levels and improve the efficiency of the entire public administration system. At the same time, the evaluation of performance results allows to record deviations from the planned course and to introduce appropriate corrective measures. It is established that in most countries there are changes that are accompanied by: – freeing up more resources in poor countries in order to improve socio-economic development; – reducing corruption and increasing control; – increasing the responsibility of civil servants to meet the needs of citizens, which is a key element in achieving prosperity. – the use of ICT to improve the quality of public services. There is currently no single system of public administration in the European Union. Economic, social, political and cultural aspects of each country, as well as time requirements and challenges form its characteristics. However, some generally accepted rules and principles are the same for all. The use of foreign experience of public administration will accelerate the process of successful reform of the functioning system of public administration in Ukraine and accelerate the achievement of the level of European countries, to which Ukraine is equal in its development. It should also be emphasized that to date in Ukraine a fairly limited number of integrated indicators are used to assess the effectiveness of the civil service, and our country is not included in all international rankings. It is recommended to develop evaluation systems at the national level that take into account the main temporal and regional features. The problematic aspects mentioned in the article significantly depend on the external environment, so their solution is directly related to the prospect of developing democratic principles of civil service control in Ukraine, taking into account the state of democratic processes in the civil service and civil service relations with the public.



інтегральні показники, порівняльний аналіз, оцінювання ефективності, ефективність роботи, професійний і особистісний розвиток, державна служба, integrated indicators, comparative analysis, performance evaluation, work efficiency, professional and personal development, civil service


Подольчак Н. Ю. Міжнародні інтегральні показники оцінки ефективності роботи державних службовців у країнах ЄС / Н. Ю. Подольчак, М. К. Хім // Вісник Національного університету “Львівська політехніка”. Серія: Проблеми економіки та управління. — Львів : Видавництво Львівської політехніки, 2020. — № 2(6). — С. 59–70.