Using the finite element method in the modeling of layered composite delamination

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Commission of Motorization and Energetics in Agriculture


The article presents issues associated with an analysis of the process of delamination of fibrous composite using the Finite Element Method. Research encompassed three computer modelling sessions for delamination of the material for three different values of distance between the test force application point and the middle of the laminate. The results, encompassing the force value and displacement, were then compared to identify the correlation between these variables and the distance from the force application point. The model correctness was also verified by comparing the value of forces modelled with the real values, obtained during an experiment. On the basis of the results obtained with regard to the size of the force applied, it was concluded that the numerical model represented well the mathematical model presented by Comanho. The negative result errors were due to the increased sensitivity of the software to the laminate fracture phenomenon, occurring during the experiment. Thanks to good representation of the model, it can be used interchangeably with numerical calculations.



composite, analysis, finite element method


Tucki K. Using the finite element method in the modeling of layered composite delamination / K. Tucki // Econtechmod : an international quarterly journal on economics in technology, new technologies and modelling processes. – Lublin ; Rzeszow, 2016. – Volum 5, number 2. – P. 51–62. – Bibliography: 34 titles.