Детермінанти конкурентного розвитку вітчизняних підприємств

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Видавництво Львівської політехніки


Розглянуто детермінанти конкурентного розвитку національних економік та окреслено шляхи досягнення конкурентних переваг вітчизняними підприємствами, виділено ключові індикатори економічного розвитку, який є основою формування конкурентного потенціалу, охарактеризовано чинники, що впливають на конкурентоспроможність бізнесу, виділено можливі способи позиціювання вітчизняних підприємств на національних та міжнародних ринках, обґрунтовано напрями вирішення питання підвищення конкурентоспроможності вітчизняних промислових підприємств. The article investigates the determinants of the competitive development of national economies and ways of competitive advantages achieving by domestic enterprises; allocates the key indicators of economic development, which is the basis of a competitive potential; characterizes the factors affecting the competitiveness of businesses; identifies possible ways of domestic companies positioning at the domestic and international markets; justifies the directions of domestic enterprises competitiveness increasing questions solving. The renewal of economic growth is an objective condition for Ukraine’s integration with the developed world’s economic system. Processes and trends which are occurring in the global economy put their imprint on the economic processes in Ukraine. And the first this applies to industrial enterprises activities those are producers of wealth, the source of GDP growth, the field for the development and implementation of innovative solutions, the means of financial resources accumulation and the sphere of their usage for recovery of economic growth. The consequences of the global economic crisis are demonstrated that the basis of economic growth is material production. Domestic production is characterized by stagnation process. Despite this it is the necessity not only in crisis management, but also in the long-term strategic management focused on competitive development, under which we consider sustainable progress of an object, which can be a company, region, country. And one of the main enterprises’ operation. The most important points of Ukraine positions growth were increasing of trust to public institutions, increasing of domestic markets efficiency, increasing of the people’s share that are educated, and also the widespread usage of IT communications in business and private life. However, it are remained the old unsolved problems, including inefficient institutional environment and the dominance of large enterprises.. In general, Ukraine has maintained the previous competitive advantages, though their list is not long. These conclusions are based primarily on the good education system and the size of the market. To achieve a high level of competitiveness the emphasis is made on the efficiency increasing and business productivity. It should be noted that the determinants of national economies competitive development determine the strategy and policy of competitive development of individual enterprises. Their success will depend on the such determinants of growth in the economy: starting level of development, that means the level that existed at the time, from which we start counting rate of development; human capital, that means the level of education; internal domestic economic conditions, that means economic system; external economic conditions. However, each company being interested in achieving of profitable operations due to meet consumer needs independently decides ways and means of competitive advantage achieving. In solving of this problem does not lose relevance to Ukraine such tool of competitiveness achieving as positioning. It should be noted that trying to achieve competitive advantages, based on the desire to compete at local regional, national or international markets the company should gradually and consistently transform the potential opportunities into driving forces. In the domestic market, competing conditions are the same for all businesses. Somewhat different is the situation on foreign markets where dominate the other needs, requirements, terms and conditions of business. Among the determinants of domestic enterprises competitive development that are participants of foreign economic relations the priority requires have the following: conformity to the international regulatory and legal framework; technical conditions (specifications); management. Of course, it is difficult to compete with countries which underline the productivity growth of innovative enterprises whereas the innovation activity is much lower at the domestic enterprises. However, the criterion of efficiency is the starting point to competitiveness increase of the domestic enterprises and the economy as a whole.



конкурентоспроможність, сталий розвиток, ефективність, продуктивність, конкурентні переваги, інновації, competitiveness, development, efficiency, productivity, competitive advantage, innovation, radical research


Полянська А. С. Детермінанти конкурентного розвитку вітчизняних підприємств / А. С. Полянська, Ж. В. Поплавська // Вісник Національного університету "Львівська політехніка". Серія: Менеджмент та підприємництво в Україні: етапи становлення і проблеми розвитку : збірник наукових праць. – 2015. – № 835. – С. 198–207. – Бібліографія: 13 назв.



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