University policy as an object of harmonious development and state regulati


The article proposes the concept of harmonious development and state regulation of the activities of higher education institutions with the aim of its adaptation in the system of higher education in Ukraine. The preconditions that lead to the development and introduction of a qualitatively new way of development of higher education are outlined. The main characteristics of the harmonious path of development are presented. As an example, the harmonious functioning of the Shanghai International Studies University is considered. The combination of the American approach to the organization of higher education with the traditions of the East is described. Emphasis is placed on the factor of mentality when organizing the university education system. The work focuses on the expansion of student international horizons, the priority of international development of the university. The influence of the university on the formation of general public opinion in China is indicated, and the university’s role in the adoption of diplomatic decisions is noted. The role of research institutes and university centers united in one academic space with the help of powerful multilingual programmes and interdisciplinary resources is emphasized. The importance of internship visits within China and abroad to exchange scientific and academic achievements and experience in higher education has been emphasized. The accent is made on the close connection of the University with the state administration, which is manifested at the level of discipline selection, the regulation of the system of faculties or specialties corresponding to the needs of the region or the country as a whole. On the basis of the survey, a scheme for the harmonization of the development of a higher educational institution was developed. There is offered the method of implementing harmonious development and state regulation of Ukrainian higher education institutions as a result of attracting effective factors, which will allow to succeed in the project realization.



harmonious development, higher education institution, state regulation, concept, foreign experience


Kuzmin O. University policy as an object of harmonious development and state regulati / O. Kuzmin, N. Tsisar, M. Yastrubskyy // Economics, Entrepreneurship, Management. — Lviv : Lviv Politechnic Publishing House, 2017. — Vol 4. — No 1. — P. 91–98.