Social and communicative engineering as the newest type of engineering

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Commission of Motorization and Energetics in Agriculture


The authors describe a scientific substantiation of the concept “social and communicative engineering”, outline the object and the purpose of study of a new type of engineering, which is being actively formed and is objectively demanded in today's information society. Social and communicative engineering forms rules of the correct construction of social groups, of the setting of internal relations in them and regulations of the building of relationships with the outside world. The methods of social and communicative engineering are specific techniques used for the designing and the construction of social and communicative technologies and systems, and also scientific, where the leading one is the system analysis. Social and communicative engineering, in the authors’ interpretation, is a set of methods, tools and means which, when is used systematically, allows to design and create the qualitative and effective social and communicative technologies and systems. In other words, social and communicative engineering is the science that investigates the processes of construction, projecting and creation of social and communicative technologies and systems. Social and communicative engineering, as the science that studies the processes of designing and creating of social and communicative systems, is in demand, particularly during the formation of the system of relations between members of different parties and political platforms, ideological beliefs of various communities through the establishing of communications, particularly with the engagement of possibilities of the information spreading through social networks.



social communication, social institution, social engineering, social and communicative engineering


Кunanets N. Social and communicative engineering as the newest type of engineering / N. Кunanets, V. Pasichnyk, A. Fedonyuk // Econtechmod : an international quarterly journal on economics in technology, new technologies and modelling processes. – Lublin ; Rzeszow, 2016. – Volum 5, number 2. – P. 17–26. – Bibliography: 27 titles.



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