Особливості побудови і функціонування венчурних структур



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Видавництво Львівської політехніки
Lviv Politechnic Publishing House


Досліджено та проаналізовано генез термінів “структура” та “мережа”, а також “бізнес-структура”, “бізнес-мережа”, “підприємницька мережа” та “структура бізнесу”. Виявлено як ототоження вказаних понять, так і розбіжності між поняттями. Узагальнюючи погляди науковців, аргументовано розрізняти поняття “структура” та “мережа”, а також терміни “бізнес-структура”, “бізнес-мережа” та “структура бізнесу”. Сформовано вимоги до формування бізнес-структури. Визначено походження терміна “венчур”, а також розкрито і представлено сутність поняття “венчурні бізнес-структури”. Відображено роль і значення венчурних бізнес-структур в умовах активізації інноваційної діяльності.
The article has been investigated and analyzed the genesis of the terms “structure” and “network”, as well as “business structure”, “business network”, “business network” and “business structure”. Both the identification of these concepts and the differences between the concepts has been revealed. Summarizing the views of scientists, it is argued to distinguish between the concepts of “structure” and “network”, as well as the terms “business structure”, “business network” (“business network”) and “business structure”. The structure of the article has been presented the definition of each concept, reveals the genesis and content of terms. Requirements for the formation of the business structure have been formed. The origin of the term “venture” is determined, and the essence of the concept “venture business structures” has been revealed and presented. The role and significance of venture business structures in the conditions of intensification of innovative activity has been reflected. In the economic literature, the term “business structure” is becoming widespread. Different approaches to the interpretation of this concept lead to multiple interpretations and the difficulty of building a consensus definition of this category, so in the scientific literature there are a number of definitions of business structure, based on the following essential features: “business structure”, “business entity” and so on. Given this, it is advisable to consider and explore the genesis of this concept. Legal definition of this concept and justification of the economic mechanism of business structures in domestic law is virtually absent, and, despite this, quite often in scientific sources there is the use of this term with different content, which leads to the difficulty of constructing a coherent definition of this term. There is an association, and sometimes identification of the concept of “business structure” with the concept of “business network”, and the concept of “business network” with the concept of “network structure”, meaning business network, cluster, alliance, holding, corporation, concern , conglomerate, trade network, and taking into account the specifics of the industry and uses the name “integrated corporate structure”, and the ratio of “business structure” with “business structure”, and the fundamental difference between “business structure” and “business structure”, where also the excellent sense in the specified concepts is enclosed. It should be noted that despite numerous studies of the term “business structure”, its various forms and functions, there is no unity in the definition of this concept among scientists and practitioners. Therefore, there is an objective necessity and expediency of research of these concepts.



“венчурна структура”, “бізнес-структура”, “бізнес-мережа”, “підприємницька мережа”


Терлецька В. О. Особливості побудови і функціонування венчурних структур / В. О. Терлецька, О. Є. Кузьмін // Менеджмент та підприємництво в Україні: етапи становлення і проблеми розвитку : науковий жрнал. — Львів : Видавництво Львівської політехніки, 2020. — Том 2. — № 2. — С. 145–153.