Сидір Голубович – голова уряду Західноукраїнської Народної Республіки (січень – червень 1919 р.)

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Розглянуто діяльність С. Голубовича на посаді голови Державного Секретаріату ЗУНР, з’ясовано зміст та основні напрями роботи уряду, визначено його здобутки та помилки. Розкрито головні аспекти зовнішньої політики, земельної, судової, військової, культурно-освітньої реформ, реформування органів державної адміністрації та суспільного порядку, економіки та фінансів. This article examines the S. Holubovich’s activity as a head of the State Secretariat of the ZUNR, is examined the content and main directions of work of the Government. Aspects of foreign policy revealing detailed the main land reform, judicial, military, cultural and educational reform, reform of public administration and public order, the economy and finance. It is indicated that S. Holubovych headed the Government in the most crucial period of nation-building, which was selected for the young country as huge achievements and significant losses. In this article are justified the achievements of the Government of S. Holubovich, the article measures guidance of public order, administration of the land, creating a battle-worthy army, its financial support. It is emphasized that the Government was paying special attention to a fair solution of the national question, which was reflected in the laws for languages, in elections to the diet (sejm), in the basics of education. Under the conditions of constant warfare, which were continuing during the Ukrainian-Polish war, the Government was unable to ensure the functioning of the schools, mail, telegraph, railroads, etc. Along with positive sides also are analyzed mistakes in the work of the State Secretariat. Despite the legislative and regulatory acts which were taken in the social sphere the Government was lingering with its decision. Agrarian reform remained unrealized to the life, food also remained as one of unsolved problems and it led to the rise of social tensions. As the negative phenomena in government activities were included some of the deficiencies in the areas of military engineering, diplomacy, etc. Major attention is given to the analysis of foreign Government S. Holubovich, which was a priority for his conductors. It is stated, that the decisive factor that influenced the attitude of the major European States to the problems in Galicia was the “Russian question”, such as the fight against “bolshevism”. The State of the Entente in the confrontation with Bolshevik Russia considered Poland more profitable partner than theWEST, condemning it to the military defeat.



С. Голубович, Західно-Українська Народна Республіка, Державний Секретаріат, Українська Національна Рада, національно-державне будівництво, S. Holubovych, Western Ukrainian Folk Republic, State Secretari, Ukrainian National Council, national-state building


Камінска О. З. Сидір Голубович – голова уряду Західноукраїнської Народної Республіки (січень – червень 1919 р.) / О. З. Камінска // Historical and Cultural Studies. – 2016. – Volume 3, number 1. – P. 43–49. – Бібліографія: 25 назв.