Пріоритети державної політики регулювання доходів населення

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Видавництво Львівської політехніки


Наведено основні пріоритети державної політики регулювання доходів населення України. Проаналізовано регулювання системи оплати праці та особливості здійснення індексації доходів в Україні, цілі яких повинні бути направлені на підвищення рівня добробуту населення. Здійснено порівняння мінімальної заробітної плати населення України та багатьох країн Європейського Співтовариства. Запропоновано заходи для забезпечення зростання доходів населення України у сучасних кризових умовах. In the article the main public policy priorities of population incomes regulation in Ukraine are discussed. The state policy of population incomes regulation is analyzed by means of payment system regulation and particularities of the fulfilment of incomes indexation in Ukraine, the goals of which should be directed to raising the population welfare. It was investigated, that the payment system involves the fixing of minimum wages, payment standards and guarantees, terms and rates of wages in the institutions and organizations, that are funded from government and also the regulation of payment funds of entrepreneursmonopolists. It was also proved that state policy of population incomes regulation in the field of payment system first and foremost should be directed at: reformation of payment system towards the pay rise and fundamental changes of production cost structure; labor cost rise in terms of the increase of payment expenditures share in the production cost; the development and implementation of measures, taken by state bodies, that will be aimed at motivation enhancement for highly efficient work, which will result in the payment rise; the reduction of unreasonably immoderate inter-branch payment differentiation, which will provide with essential increase of salaries in the sectors and will ensure scientific and technological advance, which in return will economically and financially improve the enterprises performance in these sectors; fulfilment of the complex of legal, organizational-economic actions aimed to legalize the hidden population incomes. The minimum wage and the poverty line were observed with the comparison of the minimum wages between Ukraine and some European countries being made. It was proved that the size of minimum wage and the poverty line have to be regularly increased considering the real inflation in the country, which will provide with the social safety net for society members, covering the minimum incomes, and also will set the minimal requirements for the effectiveness enhancement of national economy. The measures for the ensuring population incomes rise in Ukraine in the present crisis environment were suggested. In particular, the passage in the revised edition of President’s decree “On the main orientations of policy concerning the money incomes of population”, where there will be reflected the courses for solutions of the problems, which emerged during 2014-2015 and resulted in substantial reduction of incomes rate of population. It was proved that in the mentioned above document it’s necessary to envisage the system of compensating measures and state guarantees concerning the prevention of population impoverishment, to provide organizational-economic conditions for the implementation of the policy concerning money incomes of population in the crisis environment. It was researched, that one of the document’s component should be the periodization of complex reforms in the field of legalization of population hidden incomes, reformation of payment system towards labor compensation rate rise, taxation of incomes, its monitoring and control, labor law compliance control enhancement, prompt payments of wages. It was proved that the state policy priorities of incomes of Ukraine’s population regulation in the modern crisis environment should become the payment system regulation by means of using such instrument as the minimum wage and incomes indexation of population in Ukraine based on current inflation rate variable. It was determined, that the public policy priorities of population incomes regulation should not only be socially oriented, but be vectorially aimed at reaching European social standards and correspond to the overall economic and social strategy of Ukraine.



доходи населення, мінімальна заробітна плата, регулювання доходів, прожитковий мінімум, індексація доходів, incomes of the population, minimum wage, incomes regulation, poverty line, incomes indexation


Сенів Л. А. Пріоритети державної політики регулювання доходів населення / Л. А. Сенів // Вісник Національного університету "Львівська політехніка". Серія: Менеджмент та підприємництво в Україні: етапи становлення і проблеми розвитку : збірник наукових праць. – 2015. – № 835. – С. 305–310. – Бібліографія: 10 назв.