Політична стабільність: сутність та основні підходи до класифікації



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Lviv Politechnic Publishing House
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Розглянуто проблему сутності та типів політичної стабільності. На основі теоретичного аналізу висвітлено основні особливості політичної стабільності та проаналізовано деякі авторські підходи до її класифікації.
In the article the problem of singling out the types of political stability as the qualitative characteristic of the political system of society is analyzed. The basic problem aspects of the “political stability” definition are highlighted and the theoretical basis of the study is determined. The author describes the essence and peculiarities of political stability as one of the most important theoretical categories and the phenomenon of political reality. Based on the theoretical analysis the main approaches to political stability are arranged and the main characteristics of this system quality singled out. Attention is focused on multivariate and multidimensional nature of political stability. The essence of political stability as important features of democratic development is shown. The basic criteria and classification parameters of political stability are singled out. The characteristics of absolute, static, dynamic, stagnation and consolidation of political stability as its main types are outlined and analyzed. Some author’s approaches to the typology of political stability are analyzed. Based on the scale, spheres of influence, according to the coordination of the public interest and the political regime approached to typology of political stability are arranged. According to the degree of social development and the means of its achievement the relationship between political regime and political stability is shown. The importance of a comprehensive analysis of approaches to the typology of political stability is emphasized. The review expediency of internal and external components of the state when considering the political stability is highlighted. The importance of political stability as a condition for the effective functioning and development of any society’s political system is underlined.



політична стабільність, тип політичної стабільності, політична система, суспільний розвиток, порядок, демократія, political stability, type of political stability, political system, social development, order, democracy


Яворський М. Політична стабільність: сутність та основні підходи до класифікації / Микола Яворський // Humanitarian Vision. — Lviv : Lviv Politechnic Publishing House, 2017. — Vol 3. — No 1. — P. 61–66.