Electrical contact models based on multipoint contact

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Видавництво Національного університету "Львівська політехніка"


The paper presents simulation results of contacts applied in low-current circuits. Various parameters of low-current contact space based on the model consisting of multipoint contingence were analysed. For selected model, the values of current density, power and voltage distributions at operating contact at assumed value of applied voltage were obtained. FLUX 2D software package was used to analyse the contact. This simulation aims at defining how much the number of contact points influences the distribution of current, power and voltage in contact model. The contact made of beryllium bronze with outer layer of gold was taken for the analysis. This enabled to define (electric) phenomena, which occur in operating contact, which cannot be obtained by the application on physical models.




Zlonkiewicz Z. Electrical contact models based on multipoint contact / Z. Zlonkiewicz // Вісник Національного університету «Львівська політехніка». – 2004. – № 510 : Елементи теорії та прилади твердотілої електроніки. – С. 92–97. – Bibliography: 11 titles.