Digitalization potential of logistics operator



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Видавництво Львівської політехніки
Lviv Politechnic Publishing House


Досліджено методологічні аспекти управління процесом логістичного обслуговування клієнтів підприємств під кутом удосконалення потенціалу його диджиталізації. Встановлено, що потенціал оцифрування логістичних процесів знаходить вияв, насамперед, у підвищенні швидкості та ефективності управління, можливості своєчасного коригування загроз і ризиків, які виникають, та у полегшенні аналітичного опрацювання та точнішого оцінювання великих масивів інформації. З метою виявлення потенціалу диджиталізації процесу логістичного обслуговування підприємства на прикладі діяльності логістичного оператора, що здійснює доставку вантажів на території України, змодельовано ключові зміни, які можуть виникнути на підприємстві на основі імплементації комплексу заходів щодо упровадження засобів диджиталізації.
The article investigates the methodological aspects of the management process in the field of the logistics customer services in terms of improving its digitalization potential. The phenomenon of digitalization has been studied insufficiently and, according to some foreign authors, it has significant potential for development from the theoretical perspective. However, the digitalization of logistics in Ukraine is only gaining popularity in the scientific community. Consequently, a large number of domestic enterprises have certain difficulties while they are implementing innovations and digital solutions into the optimization of their activity. This actualizes the problems of this study as well as determines the aim and the practical tasks of the given article. In particular, it has been determined that the potential for digitalization of logistics processes is manifested primarily in increasing the management quality and efficiency, the possibility of timely correction of threats and risks that arise, and in facilitating analytical processing and obtaining more accurate assessment of large amounts of information. To identify the digitalization potential of the enterprise logistics, the article identifies the key changes that the logistics operator delivering goods within the territory of Ukraine based on the implementation of a range of digitalization tools may deal with. Thus, the primary optimization measures taken in the process of implementing digitalization at the researched enterprise are the following: digitalization of document circulation at the enterprise, the process of loading and unloading delivery vehicles during the working day, the system of cargo placement in the warehouse. These measures will optimize various processes and reduce the influence of the human factor. Taken together, this will speed up the processes and increase the quality of their implementation by reducing the number of errors and delays. To optimize intra-warehouse movements and the delivery process by digitalization of operating processes carried out by the logistics operator, it is advisable to prioritize the implementation of not only electronic document management system but also the following digital tools: RFID systems – for the efficient placement of goods in the warehouse and quick determination of their location, based on the use of RFID tags; GPS tracking – to increase the efficiency of vehicle use and reduce the cost of vehicle tracking, based on the use of GPS trackers; scale scanners as advanced weighing and measuring technologies that scan the load, determine its weight and volume, display the results and send them to the system. The authors applied the AHP method to justify the application sequence of each technology and form an optimal digitalization plan as exemplified by the logistics operator under investigation. Using a multicriteria approach to assess the feasibility of implementing each digital solution based on the survey data, the respondents of which include company executives and experts of the considered domestic logistics operator, the optimal sequence of introducing digital technologies in this company has been identified. Therefore, it is recommended to introduce the RFID system first. Then, the electronic document management should be launched. After that, it is recommended to introduce a scale scanner. Finally, the GPS system should be applied. Using the recommended algorithm for modeling the digitalization process and key changes that may occur at the investigated logistics operator resulting from digitalization tools set implementation, will allow domestic logistics operators to make optimal decisions.



диджитал-технології, логістичне обслуговування, АНР-аналіз, RFID система, GPS система, digital technologies, logistics customer services, АНР analysis, RFID system, GPS system


Pokhylchenko O. A. Digitalization potential of logistics operator / O. A. Pokhylchenko, I. V. Flyk // Вісник Національного університету “Львівська політехніка”. Серія: Проблеми економіки та управління. — Львів : Видавництво Львівської політехніки, 2020. — № 2(6). — С. 71–85.