Популяризація пам’яток історії та культури органами місцевого самоврядування із застосуванням сучасних інформаційно-рекламних засобів

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Проаналізовано важливість популяризації пам’яток історії та культури з використанням сучасних інформаційних технологій. Запропоновано методи впливу на туристичну привабливість місцевості за допомогою застосування органами місцевого самоврядування інформаційно-рекламних засобів. Today society is an indicator of maturity of attitude towards the monuments of history and culture. Preservation and promotion of them should be one of the important areas of public policy, because the rich cultural heritage of Ukraine is a part of world cultural heritage. Millions of historical and cultural monuments are on the state account in regions Ukraine. More than 12 mln. оf them are kept in the local museums. Historical and cultural influence on personality development, enrich its spiritual growth, causing emotional excitement, because they are unique evidence of the past. To historical and cultural monuments were not “dead”, that they “lived” need to study, promote and develop tourism sector. Given the significant importance of tourism in the socio-economic development of certain areas, you can create urgency in the formation and implementation of tourism policy, given the interests of the regional and local economy. Tourism is a powerful engine for the development of cities, towns and the state in general. The activities of local governments due to the general economic policy of the state, including in tourism. However, the State has delegated to local, district and regional level enough power to build tourist features in its territory. Vertical management structure should take into account when deciding the specifics of the regional tourism industry, which stems from the location, climate, tourist facilities, the infrastructure and tourist offer. So, we need to investigate the importance of tourism in regional development and to identify tools revitalization of local authorities in the provision of travel services. The survey of contemporary technologies that can be used to promote local government is projected here. Also there is presentation of the analysis of advertising methods that can be used for illumination of the touristic agency. The choice of the informational resource is motivated here as the most optimal way of apprising citizens and tourists of events and activities in the village council. In this work presented current modern technology that allows to create Web-sites. Here is most popular CMS are compared. The analysis of the ways of promotion of the informational resource, taking into account the institution, is also presented here. There are also recommendations for improvement of the information and documentation on activities of the local government. The issues that may arise during the implementation of work and their solutions are also considered here. It was built informational and functional models of creation of a website that reflect the logical relations between processes and sequence of their implementation, using a structural approach to designing information systems. Also highlighted the importance of an informational resource for the local government and its role in increasing public confidence in local government and formation of tourist attraction of the region. For implementation of technical solutions one of the most popular CMS –WordPress is used. The paper presents the results of research in the form of a website with actualized content according to its purpose as well as selected medium of popularization.



інформаційні технології, органи місцевого самоврядування, пам’ятки історії, пам’ятки культури, популяризація, реклама, туризм, advertising IT, local government, cultural monuments, historical monuments, popularization, tourism


Мина Ж. В. Популяризація пам’яток історії та культури органами місцевого самоврядування із застосуванням сучасних інформаційно-рекламних засобів / Ж. В. Мина, Л. Б. Кокор // Historical and Cultural Studies. – 2016. – Volume 3, number 1. – P. 79–86. – Бібліографія: 9 назв.