Analysis of electromagnetic processes in a turbogenerator with equivalent stator tooth zones at no-load

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While developing the mathematical held models of electric devices, to simplify the statement of the problem, it is common to apply chain schemes and substitute equivalent media for the complex structures of a construction. Identifying the influence of such simplifications on the conformity of the reproduction of electromagnetic processes by the models is an important problem, particularly when the given methods concern zones that are the sources of an electromagnetic field in the objects. Besides, when developing the mathematical field models, the coordinate systems in which the process is considered are neglected. In this paper, 2-D mathematical field models for calculating a quasistationary electromagnetic field in the cross-section of a turbogenerator at no-load with an equivalent stator zone are suggested. These models provide the calculation of the electromagnetic field in all zones of the device carried out on the basis of a vector potential in both the single coordinate system of the moving rotor, and the coordinate systems of the rotor and stator simulta-neously. The results obtained show that it is unacceptable to apply either substitution schemes or the equivalent replacement of the complex structures of electric devices in the case when they are the sources of the electromagnetic field in the object under investigation. Moreover, the analysis of the results confirms the necessity to consider the systems of coordinates of movable and immovable media when developing mathematical field models of electrodynamic devices. На основі рівнянь Максвелла в потенціалах розроблено двовимірні польові математичні моделі розрахунку квазістаціонарного електромагнітного поля у поперечному перерізі турбогенератора в режимі неробочого ходу з еквівалентною зубцевою зоною статора. Запропоновані моделі передбачають розрахунок електромагнітного поля у всіх зонах пристрою як в одній системі координат ротора та статора одночасно. Проведено порівняльний аналіз отриманих результатів.



electromagnetic field, vector potential, turbogenerator, movable media, system of coordinates


Kovivchak Y. Analysis of electromagnetic processes in a turbogenerator with equivalent stator tooth zones at no-load / Yaroslav Kovivchak // Computational Problems of Electrical Engineering. – 2013. – Volume 3, number 2. – P. 45–53. – Bibliography: 8 titles.