Prospects of using methods effective use of alternative energy

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The article presents the possibility of the development of science-based concept of integrated processes complex enterprises energy mix (alternative energy and polymer wastes). A review of the literature and the necessary articles written on the subject: as technologies and economies develop and become more complex, energy needs increase greatly; types and methods of alternative energy, as well as the possibility of calculating the basic set of main economic indicators are classified; identified possible areas of work in obtaining the necessary information and results. The results of studies of complex innovative projects conducted as interuniversity cooperation.



environmental safety, alternative energy, complex projects, polymer wastes, estimation criteria, scientifically grounded processes


Bukhkalo S. Prospects of using methods effective use of alternative energy / Svetlana Bukhkalo, Oksana Olkhovska // Environmental Problems. – 2016. – Volume 1, number 2. – P. 129–132. – Bibliography: 11 titles.