Economics, Entrepreneurship, Management. – 2015. – Vol. 2, No. 1

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Economics, Entrepreneurship, Management / Lviv Polytechnic National University ; editor-in-chief O. Kuzmin. – Lviv : Lviv Polytechnic National University, 2015. – Volume 2, number 1. – 67 p. : il.


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    Optimization of administrative management costs
    (Publishing House of Lviv Polytechnic National University, 2015) Podolchak, N.; Chepil, B.
    It is important to determine the optimal level of administrative costs in order to achieve main targets of any enterprise, to perform definite tasks, to implement these tasks and not to worsen condition and motivation of the workers. Also it is essential to remember about strategic goals in the area of HR on the long run. The refore, the main idea in using optimization model for assessing the effectiveness of management costs will be to find the minimum level of expenses within the given limits.
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    Necessity of restructuring Ukrainian airlines business and improving their value management in conditions of European integration and increased competition
    (Publishing House of Lviv Polytechnic National University, 2015) Mnykh, O. B.; Brytskyi, R. M.
    The article describes the qualitative and quantitative changes reflecting dynamics of the airlines development in the domestic and foreign air passenger transport markets. The reasons that caused bankruptcy of “Dniproavia” joint stock company are characterized; the results of regression models are assesssed. The factors that dictate the need for restructuring Ukrainian airlines business on the basis of the international airlines experience are determined.
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    Application of modern methods of sociometric analysis for modelling personnel optimal behavior at the enterprise
    (Publishing House of Lviv Polytechnic National University, 2015) Zakharchyn, H. M.; Kosmyna, Y. M.
    The article focuses on the analysis of the sociomapping method used for modeling the personnel optimal behavior at the enterprise, as well as on the method efficiency evaluation within the framework of the conducted research. It is suggested to apply the sociomapping method for evaluating the efficiency of the enterprise corporate culture and for the analyzing the enterprise collective organizational behavior in general. The key benefits and drawbacks of the sociomapping method application are considered within the framework of the enterprise social networks analysis.
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    Approaches to ranking causes of management crises in an industrial and commercial association
    (Publishing House of Lviv Polytechnic National University, 2015) Bondarchuk, M. C.
    The paper presents the improved method for ranking causes of management crises in industrial and commercial associations (ICA) in the changing environment, the peculiarity of which is designing management procedures focused on groups of similar causes of problem situations. Visualization of a set of causes leading to emergence of problem situations allows making more thorough decisions concerning the impact to be made on a particular object of ICA to ensure its economic security.
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    From the research of economic motivation and metrological behaviour of economic entities to the research of metrological systems in economics as a specific type of systems
    (Publishing House of Lviv Polytechnic National University, 2015) Bashnyanyn, G. I.
    The basic historical types of economic motivation of economic entities as fundamentals of forming both the main historical types of metrological behavior and the most fundamental types of economic measurement are defined. A general characteristic of nominal, real and super-real economic measurements as the main subject of an economic metrology being a general theory of economic measurement is given. Based on the previous definition of the basic types of economic measurement a general characteristic of appropriate metrological systems in economics, namely, nominal, real and super-real ones is offered.
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    Еconomic evaluation of the mechanisms of attracting corporatization-focused investments
    (Publishing House of Lviv Polytechnic National University, 2015) Heorhiady, N. H.; Fedorcha, О. Ye.
    The modern interpretation of the investment concept is analyzed. The modern methods of investments economic evaluation are presented. The nature of investments-attracting mechanisms is defined. A method of investments-attracting mechanisms economic evaluation is proposed.
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    Consulting support of the project management development in conditions of society informatization
    (Publishing House of Lviv Polytechnic National University, 2015) Chukhrai, N. I.; Novakivsky, I. I.
    The article justifies the necessity of changing the management paradigm in the emerging information society. It is proved that project management is a determinant factor in cooperation of businesses during globalization. The processes of consulting environment formation as the basis of information support and the expansion of the project management application scope are analyzed. There are proposed measures to improve the project management methodology and to promote its dissemination.
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    Concepts of firmness and balancing in marketing logistics
    (Publishing House of Lviv Polytechnic National University, 2015) Garasym, P.; Gerasymenko, O.; Garasym, M.
    Concepts of firmness and balancing are considered. Place of firmness and balancing in marketing logistics is defined. The authors have come to the conclusion that the system which is considered stable for any moment is not necessarily simultaneously balanced. According to the integrated continuum of logistics development intensity and marketing concepts balancing of marketing logistics have a place in social and ethical marketing concept. Firmness of marketing logistics can be observed in any point of continuum if situation is constant for a long time.
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    Strengthening micro-entrepreneurship for the disadvantaged youth in Middle East and North Africa
    (Publishing House of Lviv Polytechnic National University, 2015) Pyrog, O. V.; Shevchenko, N. V.
    The article presents the research of tools that stimulate micro-entrepreneurship for unemployed youth, facilitate self-employment, formalize entrepreneurship and lessen the gender gap in business. The proposals developed are aimed at creating new business opportunities for the unemployed young people. Centers of Professional Orientation and Integration (CPOI) create and utilize online database, combining business and education resources. This database is the key element of the system as it accumulates information about labor market for CPOI, creates business education environment for disadvantaged youth and provides non-financial support for entrepreneurs. We address the problem of unemployment by implementing an innovative database system realized using cloud technology with real-time data about participants and business partners. Cloud technology will provide CPOIs with efficient communications, which allows easy monitoring of CPOIs activities across the country. The database will aggregate real-time data and segment it according to economic, social, professional and regional characteristics in order to create appropriate CPOI strategy.
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    Сontents "Economics, Entrepreneurship, Management"
    (Publishing House of Lviv Polytechnic National University, 2015)