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Title: Contradictions of the national legal and regulatory framework in the field of socio-economic diagnosing in conditions of European integration
Authors: Kuzmin, O. Ye.
Melnyk, O. H.
Mukan, O. V.
Adamiv, M. Ye.
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Contradictions of the national legal and regulatory framework in the field of socio-economic diagnosing in conditions of European integration / O. Ye. Kuzmin, O. H. Melnyk, O. V. Mukan, M. Ye. Adamiv // Economics, Entrepreneurship, Management. – 2015. – Volume 2, number 2. – P. 11–15. – Bibliography: 10 titles.
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Publishing House of Lviv Polytechnic National University
Keywords: socio-economic diagnosing
European integration
legal and regulatory framework
Abstract: The article analyzes the national legal and regulatory framework in the field of socio-economic diagnosing of the major parameters and operation directions of the objects being diagnosed such as financial conditions, the threat of bankruptcy, solvency (credit status), and investment attractiveness. Based on the results obtained there are singled out, generalized and justified the key contradictions of national regulations governing principles of assessing the priority sectors of these objects operation. The importance of further development of the national legal and regulatory support of socio-economic diagnosing towards its unification in modern conditions of European integration is proved. In terms of revitalization of European integration processes in Ukraine and globalization processes in the world the importance of socio-economic diagnosing at all levels of national and international economies is increasing. In fact, successful establishment and further development of relationships between domestic and foreign partners at different levels (state authorities, financial, credit and insurance institutions, rating agencies, securities market participants, investors, intermediaries, contractors, businesses) require accurate, representative and objective database obtained through target diagnosing. Recently stakeholders have been primarily interested in socio-economic diagnosing of such aspects of particular entities as financial conditions, threat of bankruptcy, solvency, investment attractiveness etc. Target diagnosing is based on various techniques developed by the legislative authorities of Ukraine that are still being used to form special methodological guidelines for evaluating priority operation areas of the diagnosed objects. Obviously, the methodological provisions reflected in the current national legal and regulatory framework should be standardized and unified for all users in both domestic and international environment to ensure exclusive regulation of key principles of socio-economic diagnosing and unified interpretation of the diagnostic results. Unfortunately, at present in the national legal and regulatory framework there are many problems associated with discrepancies, inconsistencies and contradictions of certain diagnostic methods. Considering all the above, there arises the necessity to study current national legislation and regulatory materials to identify existing conflicts in the area of socio-economic diagnosing.
Content type: Article
Appears in Collections:Economics, Entrepreneurship, Management. – 2015. – Vol. 2, No. 2

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