Наукові підходи до ведення містобудівного моніторингу земель населених пунктів



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Видавництво Львівської політехніки


Purpose of work. Determination of scientific approaches for obtaining knowledge about the plurality of objects of urban monitoring, processes and phenomena in settlements. Method. Urban land monitoring is an information integration sub-system for land and town planning cadastres, which is implemented through the use of common methods and technologies for generating specialized information and ensuring simultaneous access to information resources for sectoral inventories and monitoring. The resulting information obtained during the monitoring is used to update the databases of land and town-planning inventories, to develop land management and urban planning documentation. Methods of urban land monitoring of settlements are based on the use of classical methods of land monitoring and urban monitoring, as well as their combinations, taking into account the requirements for the desired results, which in turn influences the choice of observing or analysis technology. Continuous monitoring is due to the continuous functioning of the city's functioning and development, the dynamics of natural processes that affect the state of the land, buildings, structures and infrastructure of the settlement. Results. The objective component of integrated urban land monitoring is formed from objects of settlements, whose monitoring parameters are determined by such sciences as ecology, land management and urban planning. A substantive component determines the ways of realization of the set tasks and relies on the following sciences: computer science, economics, qualilometry and management theory, which form scientific approaches that form the methodological basis of integrated monitoring. Thus, urban monitoring of land is carried out using geoinformation, quali-metric, target and econometric scientific approaches. Scientific novelty. The systematic approach to the development of urban planning monitoring of settlements is substantiated – a holistic system of complex processing of diverse information at the local level for making managerial decisions. Practical significance. Integration of information resources will avoid duplication of information, solve the problem of the lack of cross-sectoral information when making managerial decisions, and will contribute to saving financial, material and labor resources to support a single monitoring service within the settlement.



науковий підхід, моніторинг, дослідження, об’єкт, землі, населений пункт, scientific approach, monitoring, research, object, land, settlement


Смілка В. Наукові підходи до ведення містобудівного моніторингу земель населених пунктів / В. Смілка // Сучасні досягнення геодезичної науки та виробництва. — Львів : Видавництво Львівської політехніки, 2019. — № 2(38). — С. 97–103.