Прийняття стратегічних логістичних рішень у стохастичних ринкових умовах



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Видавництво Львівської політехніки


Досліджено важливість управління логістичною діяльністю підприємства. Виділено параметри оцінювання результативності логістичної діяльності підприємства, які враховують вплив логістичних витрат на прибутковість підприємства, інвестиції в логістичну діяльність підприємства тощо. Встановлено потребу в прийнятті стратегічних логістичних рішень у стохастичних ринкових умовах, запропоновано методи економіко-математичного моделювання, які дають змогу обрати оптимальне логістичне рішення в непередбачуваних ринкових умовах.
Effective activity of any enterprise is associated with planning. However, it is necessary to have information about areas where planning is conducted for building productive plans. Thus, the information management process, its collection, processing etc. is important for the enterprise activity process. However, the availability of information about the company in the past is not sufficient when strategic planning is conducted because it is necessary to make decisions for the future a few years forward, but we don’t know exactly how will behave system, which factors and with which power will influence on enterprise which strategic decision is adopted. Even more difficult situation is in the logistics activity strategic management of the enterprise. There are many methods of optimal solutions for the enterprise as a whole, including: Bayes’ criterion, the criterion of minimum average risk, Hodges-Lehmann’s criterion, Laplace’s criterion, Savage’s criterion, Wald’s criterion, Hurwitz’s criterion etc. However, all of these criteria allow making a decision with taking into account the gain or loss of the enterprise in a particular situation under certain conditions. For example, marketing activities is aimed at the product popularizing, improve company image, improving the product recognition which in result directly influence on enterprise profit rise. So we can establish a direct dependence between marketing costs and enterprise profit by majority of marketing leverage that we can construct a matrix of enterprise profits which it can get in certain marketing decisions and specific environmental conditions for evaluation effectiveness of marketing activities. However, if we watch at the production process, we’ll see a need to reduce production costs with provided that the quality of it will be saved. We have more difficult task than in situation with marketing costs because we have to make a decision which is directed to minimization costs but to only to a level where cost minimization will not affect the quality losses considering – there is – here the problem is complicated because the decision must be made to minimize costs, but only to a level where cost minimization will not affect the quality losses. A similar situation is with logistical activities. It is when you need to minimize overall logistics costs and save logistics services quality. Therefore, there is a need in the formation of the matrix output data before using criteria decision making under uncertainty which will be used for calculations and choice the best resolution. Perhaps a need in is the biggest problem in the process of evaluation logistic decisions under uncertainty because recent research show that there is a problem in determination of logistics costs influence on enterprise profitability or calculating the share of enterprise investment which are aimed at its logistics activities. There is the problem of constructing the original matrix based on the logistics financial flows because there don’t been singled out logistics process while it is done accounting of enterprise costs and earnings for most business. There are highlighted parameters of evaluation of enterprise logistics activity effectiveness, which are taking into account the impact of logistics costs on the enterprises profitability, investment in logistics activities of the company and so on. There are established the need for making strategic logistics solutions in stochastic market conditions, the methods of economic-mathematical modeling that allow you to choose the best logistics solutions in unpredictable market conditions are offered.



стратегічні логістичні рішення, непередбачувані умови зовнішнього середовища, методи економіко-математичного моделювання прийняття рішень в умовах невизначеності, strategic logistics solutions, unpredictable environments, methods of economicmathematical modeling of making decision under uncertainty


Русановська О. А. Прийняття стратегічних логістичних рішень у стохастичних ринкових умовах / О. А. Русановська, М. Висоцький // Вісник Національного університету «Львівська політехніка». Серія: Логістика. — Львів : Видавництво Львівської політехніки, 2017. — № 863. — С. 178–184.