Module for fuel consumption measurement

dc.citation.conferenceЕлементи теорії та прилади твердотілої електроніки
dc.contributor.affiliationHydraulic and Pneumatic Research Institute, Romaniauk_UA
dc.contributor.authorDrumea, Petrin
dc.contributor.authorComes, Mircea
dc.contributor.authorMirea, Adrian
dc.description.abstractToday is important for transport companies to monitorize fuel consumption. To perform this task is necessary to have on the car a black box inaccessible to driver. This can be done using a flow transducer coupled to a smart electronic module. The authors designed a volumetric rotational transducer that contains a Hall sensor. The pulses generated by this sensor as well as driving wheels rotation information are used by an electronic module to calculate total fuel consumption.uk_UA
dc.identifier.citationDrumea P. Module for fuel consumption measurement / P. Drumea, M. Comes, A. Mirea // Вісник Національного університету "Львівська політехніка". – 2002. – № 458 : Елементи теорії та прилади твердотілої електроніки. – С. 209–214. – Bibliography: 7 titles.uk_UA
dc.publisherВидавництво Національного університету «Львівська політехніка»uk_UA
dc.relation.references[1] G. Ionescu, V. Sgarciu, H. M. Motit, R. Dobrescu, C. Stamate "Transducers for ndustrial automation", Editura Tehnica, 1996, Bucuresti. [2] MICROCHIP TECHNOLOGY INC., "Embedded control handbook – Volume 1", Microchip Inc., 1997. [4] M. Ciugudean, V. Tiponut, M.E. Tanase, I. Bogdanov, H. Carstea, A. Filip, "Linear Integrated Circuits", Editura Facla, 1986, Timisoara. [5] KEITHLEY METRABYTE, "DAS1802ST and DDA08 User’s Guide" [6] Capital Equipment Corporation, "TEST POINT Techniques and Reference", 1996. [7] SIMTEK, "nvSRAM Data Book", 1999.uk_UA
dc.rights.holder© Petrin Drumea, Mircea Comes, Adrian Mirea, 2002uk_UA
dc.titleModule for fuel consumption measurementuk_UA


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