LEAN-менеджмент як інноваційний підхід до управління виробництвом



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Видавництво Львівської політехніки


Розглянуто основні передумови застосування lean-менеджменту для виробничих підприємств. Наведено підходи до визначення сутності поняття “бережливого” виробництва. Висвітлено основні засади впровадження концепції lean-менеджменту на підприємстві. Проаналізовано впровадження “бережливої” концепції у процес виробництва та менеджменту на підприємстві.
The concept of lean is becoming increasingly important for non-production sphere, namely the theory and practice of management that allows to use its principles for the effective implementation of business automatization. Despite the popularization of the last few years the question of lean manufacturing in scientific literature, the definition of the term in different sources do not differ significantly. Lean manufacturing (lean production, lean manufacturing from eng. “lean” – skinny, slim without fat) – is an effective modern concept of management, the essence of which is to optimize business processes by maximizing focus on the interests and needs of customers and markets, also taking into account the motivation of each employee. Applying the concept of lean-manufacturing practice achieves shorter period sales, better quality and much lower cost of resources compared to the traditional approach. Traditional enterprises raw materials from which products are manufactured, may be on the part weeks or even months, and thus the process of converting and thus adding to their value, reasured mainly in minutes or hours. Successful transformation towards Lean Manufacturing must simultaneously focus on technical changes aimed at building technical sustainability of production processes and management, implementation of the rapid arrival of the cost and technical improvement processes. Also important progress implementing internal brand culture, typical leanmanagement at both levels, leaders in manufacturing (foremen, craftsmen, managers staffs, etc.) and office administrative staff. Introduction of the concept of “lean” ideally allows the company to resolve a number of important challenges that daily and hourly occurs most businesses - to achieve the highest quality at the lowest costs, shorten product creation, to avoid overproduction, to regulate supply issues. We believe this concept is a fundamental of contemporary approaches to production management in domestic enterprises. Further researches need to obsess the process of implementing lean-management and study existing experience of this concept by domestic producers.



“бережливе виробництво”, lean-менеджмент, lean-філософія, потік вартості, додана вартість, розвиток, lean-management, lean-conception, lean-philosofy, flow of value creating, value added, development


Бек О. М. LEAN-менеджмент як інноваційний підхід до управління виробництвом / О. М. Бек, І. Петецький // Вісник Національного університету «Львівська політехніка». Серія: Логістика. — Львів : Видавництво Львівської політехніки, 2017. — № 863. — С. 12–16.